Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Major flow meter installation contract

Author: R Stevens

RS Hydro wins flowmeter installation contract

RS Hydro has recently won an industry leading contract to install 100 open channel and water flow meters for a major conglomerate in the UK. Installations will include the Siemens Milltronics OCM3, ABB's new AquaMaster Explorer and the Pan ametrics AT868 clamp on flow meter .

RS Hydro will be installing flow structures and measurement devices in remote locations. All devices are to be powered using renewable forms of energy: wind and solar power. The flow meters will also have GSM dataloggers that will upload data on a daily basis. Alarm level capabilities allow the client to be alerted of any pump failures or low/high flow exceedances. All installations will be up to MCERTS standard.

The data will be viewable on RS Hydro's own data solutions site: FlowView . The user is able to access data using a user specifiable login account and password. Data can then be graphed, summarised and exported online. In addition, the data is automatically downloaded to the client's own intranet. This service is fully customisable for user preferences.

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