Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Global Reforestation Initiative by AgroMicron

Author: AgroMicron

Thanks to specially acquired clone samples AgroMicron will now be able to completely regenerate an entire forest in some regions in seven to ten years. Which means the global deforestation problem might no longer be a problem.

The name given to this project is the AgroMicron Paulownia Project, which originated due to the fact that Paulownia tree is one of the most resourced tree's in Asia. The Paulownia tree is one of China's most important traditional trees and is widely planted to supply village needs for wood it is also know as Pouton on in China, Kiri in Japan and Golden Cedar in Australia.

Thanks to the quick growth rate and size of the Paulownia it made the perfect donor for AgroMicron's needs of 15 pristine clones. The process of getting to these 15 was a long and difficult one, which started with 840 clones and with the help of the Chinese Academy of Forestry this was brought down to 32 and that was when the final cut was made.

Currently 14 of the clones are maintained in tissue for multiplication and commercial supply while the last clone AgroMicron wouldn't say what they where testing with it, maybe some super tree or maybe they are looking at how to get the 7 year growth cycle down to 4 or maybe even just 3 years which would mean an very quick end to all the fears of deforestation and the negative effectives this has on the environment.

So what is a company like AgroMicron spearheading such a project with virtually no possibility of a commercial gain, well that was the question I proposed to Mr. Gary Lloyd, Senior Corporate Advisor to AgroMicron, his reply shocked me. He stated ""while AgroMicron is about making profits, its more focused on making good, we know we can make money from anything we do or sell but the hard part in business is actually benefiting others"" he went on to explain why the Global Reforestation Initiative was important to AgroMicron ""with all the projects and people we come into contact with we saw that we could easily collaborate these minds together and work collectively on one project that would benefit everyone and the Global Reforestation Initiative does just that.""

Now I've never seen a Paulownia tree, but by the sounds of things we'll be seeing a lot more of them and hopefully in the not to distant future. For the time being AgroMicon will continue to research and work with their clones and you can bet on a follow up story in the coming months. In the mean time to learn more on the Global Reforestation Initiative underway at AgroMicron you can visit and for more corporate information on AgroMicron you can visit their homepage at

About the author: AgroMicron is helping the world by revitalization of damaged eco-systems as a result of excessive deforestation.


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