Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hydroponics - Cultivation of Plants in Water

Author: James Hunt

Hydroponics is defined as the cultivation of plants in water. However, research as been conducted to show that many other things play a role besides for just the water therefore the definition has been broadened to read the cultivation of plants without the use of soil.

Due to the lack of fertile farmland and soil as well as the lack of a large water supply, plant growers are using hydroponics as way of growing their plants. There are some plant grower's such as home gardeners who use hydroponics on a small scale to grow such things as vegetables all year round and to grow plants that can survive in smaller places. On a larger scale, greenhouses and nurseries grow their plants in soulless bark-based growing mix.

There are many advantages of using hydroponics. One the most annoying things about growing plants through the use of soil is the presence of weeds. Most gardeners will tell you that this is what they hate most. Through the use of hydroponics, there will be no weeds to remove. Also, there will be no soil-born pests and diseases to fight against, as they will be eliminated completely.

It has been found that plants grown through the use of hydroponics are healthier and more vigorous due to the fact that all of the necessary growth elements are readily available. This allows the plants to mature faster. Hydroponics gardens use less space since the roots do not have to spread out in search for food and water. Those people who use hydroponics say the greatest advantage to using this system of plant growth is that you have the ability to control everything. You control the environment and it can even be set up on a timer. Automation as it is called, provides flexibility to the gardener as one can be gone for long periods of time without having to worry about watering the plants.

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