Saturday, January 24, 2009

Screensavers - Live Flowers On Your Screen

Author: CDMohatta

Most of you must know about screensavers. A screensaver was normally used to save the screen against prolonged non-use. You can set the time after which the screensaver appears on your screen and protect your screen. Now they are not required for this purpose. But you can still enjoy them whenever you want and relax.

Most of the screensavers are made either with static wallpapers appearing one after other or three-dimensional designs. The latest innovation is live video. In this kind of screensaver, video shots of live objects are taken, edited and made into a revolving film. The film is then given effects and converted to flash. This flash movie, when added to installer, becomes a screensaver.

Now you can view live flowers dancing in the garden on your desktop. With innovation in technology and artistry, the quality of the shot gets enhanced when converted in flash. Installing and uninstalling such screensavers is simple. A click of mouse does that. Download few screensavers with live flowers on your machines and watch them whenever you are getting bored or tired. Live music accompanies the screensaver adding to the relaxing power.

You can view some of the screensavers and downlod from here -

Free Flowers Screensavers and

Flowers Screensavers . Chose colors that you love. You can also choose flower screensavers with romantic or inspirational text. Bring the beauty of flowers to your desktops and relax with the soothing sight and music.

About the author: CDMohatta writes content for animated screensavers . The designs include -

flower screensavers and

love screensavers .

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